Microwave Cake Baking Instructions

This is the simplest way to make a cake (and we’re not talking about small mug cakes here) and all in 10 minutes! It does not require you to melt any butter, grease any pans, use an electric mixer or even an oven! (It bakes in the microwave). Perfect for when you want to bake a cake in your caravan, motorhome or camp kitchen, which is what I did with a friend recently when staying in a caravan park in Melbourne and we were celebrating both our birthdays. I had been given the recipe by a lovely lady at a caravan show who was told though that she needed to use a bundt style cake pan (one with the hole in the middle). I had a hunch however, that my silicone collapsible container might do the trick. I was dying to try it to find out.  Continue reading and get recipe on sister site www.roamingcooking.com...

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