About Roaming Cooking

 Do You:

  • Ever get annoyed carting around big, bulky containers once you have finished eating from them?
  • Ever go camping or 4 wheel driving with the family and get annoyed with the space the empty containers take up? Or trying to find a space to put them?
  • Ever get annoyed with the tupperware falling out your cupboard or trying to fit it all in?
  • Get annoyed from using plastic cutlery because it seems more accessible but often hopeless to use and harmful to the environment?
  • Put rubber bands around your lunch box so the lid doesn't come off in your bag spilling the contents all over the place?


To provide convenient, good quality, reusable kitchenware that you can easily take anywhere without any fuss (particularly when space is limited), saving you money and doing our part to help with the environment.


    How Did the Business Start?

    Roaming Cooking’s roots began in Australia as the founder was doing research for a book, The Art of Roaming Cooking, (later became The Backpacker Chef) and realized that there was a need for high quality, space-saving kitchenware. Out of this need a company was born that is focused on delivering products for people with a roaming lifestyle. Whether you enjoy traveling the world, camping, boating, tailgating, back yard BBQs, or just need some good kitchenware to carry to and from the office, Roaming Cooking has a solution for you.

    With success growing the brand in Australia, the Roaming Cooking team has expanded to North America to include fellow travelers who share a desire to experience the world and ensure there are quality products out there to meet the needs of others who like to roam. The Roaming Cooking team has logged extensive hours on the road both living abroad with their families and traveling to dozens of countries in recent years. We understand the need for these products and select only the finest ones to sell that will stand the test of time. We are constantly adding to our catalog and encourage you to check back regularly. You can also use the social media buttons on the left of the page to follow us on the platform of your choice.

    Thanks for visiting our page and we look forward to helping you with your food needs as you roam this big beautiful world we live in!