You will find real reviews from customers and a collection of testimonials from other channels. 

5 stars – PPU ... Personal Protective Utensils “Awesome product to have during coronvirus reopening of restaurants...PPU...personal protective utensils!” [Reply to this review on Amazon]

5 stars – Flight Attendant Must Have “Flight Attendant must have. Can use in onboard ovens. Makes it easy to save space. Mealtime inflight has never been so good!” [Reply to this review on Amazon]

5 stars – JUST THE RIGHT SIZE!!! “Got this to use when I do my wash in my apartment building laundry room. It works great to transfer clothes from the washers to the dryers without having to wipe down community-shared surfaces or carts. It fits nicely on top of my utility cart and when I am finished it folds nicely so that it and my folding cart take up little closet space in a...” [Reply to this review on Amazon]

5 stars – I loved it !! “I totally loved this product . I am a flight attendant and I have been searching a container that is able to fold and expand. 1 ) the thickness of the item when it is folded and expanded 2) I folded it and use it as a plate because I didnt want the meat to stick on the metal as I normal do when cooking meat 3 ) into my digital oven 4 ) cooking 5 )...” [Reply to this review on Amazon]
5 stars – Good sturdy set “Love this set. Got it for my husbands lunch box. Its light weight but not flimsy. Feels good in your hand and not like itll bend. Love the little case it comes with! Knife works well also. Used it to cut a steak, was slightly hard since its not actually a steak knife but it worked which is the point.” [Reply to this review on Amazon]


5 stars – Great for college people “This product is great for having in a small dorm room or carrying around with a lunch bag. It won't break and is easy to clean. It's not exactly like your Mom's nice forks and knives, so go easy on the knife, but it's 100x better than continuing to use plastic utensils and it makes college feel more like home.” [Reply to this review on Amazon]

“As a Christmas gift somebody got me the stainless steel cutlery set with chopstick and I am obsessed”                                                                                   

”Roaming Cooking collapsible containers are fantastic! I use them for work lunch & the cup(with handle) in my handbag when travelling. It is better than Tupperware!” - Shirley S.

5 stars – No more plastic!!! No waste!! “Less waste and great tools to reuse many many years- thx we must waste less.” 

”These are brilliant. The little cup also makes a great measuring cup as well” - Maryanne B.

”Just it let you know we have been away on two camping/caravan ning holidays since buying the good stuff from you. They take up no room at all in the van and are light and a joy to use” - Alan & Jackie

”I purchased the cutlery as part of an employee lunch kit we are putting together. I had ordered a number of different silverware sets and the set from Roaming Cooking was the best!” - Katie

“The chopsticks in the 4-piece set are so handy. I use them as mixing spoons or tongs for cooking and frying. Super convenient.” - Susan W.