Benefits of Baking with a Collapsible Silicone Container

The Multi-purpose Container

The "plastic free" lunch container offered by Roaming Cooking definitely has multi-purposes. Not only can it be used as a lunch box or for air tight food storage, it makes a perfect baking tin for meals such as a cake for two, mini lasagnas or pies - just to name a few.

Hard Rim

One feature this container has over other silicone bakeware is that it has a hard rim, making it easier to carry the cake batter to the oven!

Baking with Silicone Container


The silicone container can be put in an oven up to 230 degrees. It is made of BPA free, premium quality food grade silicone.  

Baking with a Silicone Container


Another great feature is that you do not need to line with baking paper or cooking spray which you may not have on hand particularly if travelling.  Watch the video below to see how easy it is to pop the cake out of the container.



When not in use, the container folds to a third of its size for easy storage.


What ideas for meals can you think of to bake in this versatile container? Post your idea below (if you cannot see the comment box, click on the title of this post and then scroll down).


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